Moore the merrier with Voice panel

Published: Friday 6th February 2015 by The News Editor

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Former Brother Beyond star Nathan Moore admitted all his years in showbusiness did not prepare him for the “frightening” experience of being on The Voice.

The singer, who enjoyed a string of hits with the boyband in the 1980s and then performed with Worlds Apart, can be seen auditioning for mentors Ricky Wilson, Sir Tom Jones, Rita Ora and this weekend on the BBC show.

He said: “It was one of the most frightening things I’ve ever done. I thought all my experience would help, but it counted for nothing. When you walk out on that stage and everyone has to be silent for 45 seconds, your heart is in your mouth.”

Explaining why so many former stars were happy to appear on The Voice rather than The X Factor, he said: “I don’t think The X Factor would be interested in people like us. They want the window cleaner who hasn’t had his chance before. The Voice, there’s room for someone like me and I think it’s interesting for the viewer to see how I will fare.

“Performers like it because you are judged purely on your talent, but also you’re not penalised for being overweight or not the right look, as the world might see it. I’m 50 now, they wouldn’t take a look at me, The X Factor. I’m too old.”

Moore, who used to manage the likes of ex-Steps star Lisa Scott Lee and former Pop Idol contestant Hayley Evetts, added: “Doing The Voice was a pleasure. You don’t care what people think when you get to this point in your life, I just enjoyed the challenge.”

He is now performing at festivals and on nostalgia tours and said: “I had some great times, but I had some terrible times, too. I was on tour in America with Brother Beyond, we were invited for dinner at Madonna’s. The week we got back EMI dropped us, and that was it. I had massive tax bills, got made bankrupt, had nowhere to live, I had to borrow money off my dad, I had to get the bus after being first class all around America. It was horrendous.

“My son is four and I think if he ever says to me, ‘Daddy I want to be a singer,’ I’m going to have a stern chat with him and tell him, ‘Beware, son’.”

But he discovered a fan in Wilson while chatting to him after his audition: “Ricky said, ‘Brother Beyond? I had a picture of you in my locker at school’.”

The Voice is on BBC One on Saturday at 7.15pm.

Published: Friday 6th February 2015 by The News Editor

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