MPs to grill abuse inquiry judge

Published: Wednesday 11th February 2015 by The News Editor

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The latest figure chosen to head Britain’s long-delayed inquiry into child sex abuse is to be grilled by MPs.

Lowell Goddard, a High Court judge from New Zealand, was named as chair by Home Secretary Theresa May last week.

She is the third individual proposed to take charge of the inquiry, after Baroness Butler-Sloss and Dame Fiona Woolf both stood aside amid concerns over their establishment links.

Mrs May has insisted she is confident through checks have been carried out to ensure there are no conflicts of interest that could undermine this candidate.

Justice Goddard is due to be questioned by the Home Affairs Select Committee in a pre-appointment hearing. Discussing the inquiry last week, she told the BBC: “It is a very broad landscape and the inquiry is very complex and multi-faceted but it needs to be achievable as well.

“It needs to set goals that are achievable in the interests of the survivors of child sexual abuse but also the state.

“It must be managed because an inquiry that drags on and does not have achievable goals that cannot deliver is not an effective inquiry.”

She said survivors would be “at the forefront of this inquiry and indeed the whole centre”, and that it would draw on the lessons of recent scandals such as large-scale child sex exploitation in Rotherham.

Published: Wednesday 11th February 2015 by The News Editor

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