NHS chiefs ‘net £35m in pay rises’

Published: Monday 20th April 2015 by The News Editor

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Hospital chief executives received £35 million in pay rises, despite unprecedented pressures on NHS spending, it has been reported.

An investigation by the Daily Mail found bosses enjoyed pay hikes of 6%, well above those of frontline staff.

Some executives earned more than £1 million last year, while directors at a handful of the worst-performing hospitals received pay packages of up to £5,000 a day, the newspaper said.

A total of 47 hospital bosses pocketed more than £400,000 last year – putting them in the same pay league as top City traders, the Mail found.

Nearly 1,000 NHS bosses now earn £100,000 or more a year when their pension contributions are taken into account – all funded by the taxpayer.

Despite the funding crisis, the number of bosses with pay packages worth more than the Prime Minister’s rose by 30% last year to nearly 600, the newspaper said.

The average chief executive in England now takes home a salary alone of £185,255 – far higher than the Prime Minister’s salary of £142,500.

Politicians have vowed to tackle the pay schemes and have called for an investigation into how public money is spent.

Last year, the Government decided not to accept a pay review body (PRB) recommendation for a 1% increase for all NHS staff working in England.

Published: Monday 20th April 2015 by The News Editor

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