Optimistic Ed launches No 10 battle

Published: Friday 27th March 2015 by The News Editor

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Ed Miliband will launch Labour’s election campaign with a vow that it will be driven by “a spirit of optimism” as the ground offensive in the battle for Number 10 gets under way.

Just hours after making his pitch to the electorate in the first of several live TV grillings, the Labour leader is expected to unveil a policy focused on the NHS – which Labour sees as one of its trump cards.

In a speech to activists in London’s Olympic Park, he will compare one of the most closely-contested general elections for decades to “neck and neck” races at the 2012 games that “go to the wire”.

” As we go out to fight this election, just remember: w e’re the optimists, t hey’re the pessimists,” he will say before embarking on the first of many “battlebus” trips to target seats.

“We believe that Britain can always do better than this. And that spirit of optimism is at the heart of our election campaign.

“It is the spirit that is going to drive us on in the next few weeks.”

On a raft of issues such as wages, zero-hour contracts, tax and public services, the Government told people “this is as good as it gets”, he will say.

With much attention on prospective post-election deals in the likely event of another hung parliament – including the possibility of Labour relying on SNP support to govern – he will seek to focus minds on the battle with the Tories.

“Like so many races here during the Olympics, it will go to the wire. Neck and neck.

“But there is one thing that is clear. There are only two possible outcomes in this election: a Conservative government o r a Labour government.

“And this election is not simply a choice between two different parties and two different leaders. But two different visions of our country.

“That Tory vision that says Britain succeeds when only a few at the top do well, with tax cuts for the very wealthiest and public services cut back to the very bone.

“Or a Labour vision based on the idea that Britain only succeeds when working people succeed.”

Published: Friday 27th March 2015 by The News Editor

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