Parents’ fears over schooling costs

Published: Friday 9th January 2015 by The News Editor

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A third of parents think school trips are unaffordable, while many others think the costs of uniforms and equipment are too high, a poll suggests.

It reveals that nearly three in four mums and dads (73%) are in favour of stronger regulations on how much schools and colleges are allowed to charge for the services they provide to pupils.

And over half (55%) believe that the cost of educational trips and visits should be covered by schools not parents.

While parents do not pay to send their child to a state school, they are often asked to contribute towards extra-curricular activities, school trips and meals and as well as covering the cost of uniform.

The survey, commissioned by the NASUWT teaching union, found that 36% of mothers and fathers do not think the cost of educational visits is affordable, 33% think that uniform is unaffordable, 22% believe school meals costs are too high while 20% think that the cost of school equipment is unaffordable and 17% say the same about transport prices to get to school or college.

NASUWT general secretary Chris Keates said: “Parents’ concerns about the rising cost of education vindicate the warnings given by the NASUWT to coalition ministers that on their watch access to educational provision is increasingly now on the basis of parents’ ability to pay.”

A report published by the Children’s Commission on Poverty in October warned that millions of families are struggling to afford school costs, leaving children unable to make the most of their education.

It revealed that parents are shelling out around £800 a year per child on basics such as uniform, meals, text books, trips and technology.

:: The ComRes poll for the NASUWT questioned 1,019 parents with children attending UK schools and colleges between September 19-21.

Published: Friday 9th January 2015 by The News Editor

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