Snowfall hits UK as BST looms

Published: Thursday 26th March 2015 by The News Editor

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British Summer Time is just days away but winter has had one last hurrah as snow fell across parts of the UK.

The Met Office issued a severe weather warning overnight as rain turned into sleet and snow as it moved eastwards.

More unsettled weather is expected to hit the UK over the weekend when the clocks go forward.

Met Office forecaster Simon Partridge said 2cm of snow was recorded overnight in Spadeadam, Cumbria.

“We have had a couple of centimetres over the Pennines, Cumbria and North Yorkshire, and over some of the higher ground in Scotland,” he said.

“There was also some in Northern Ireland but that has cleared now.

“We have had no reports of any impact from it, no road closures. It’s a fairly light covering.”

Mr Partridge said it is not unusual for snow to fall at this time of year.

“We’re even more likely to get snow now than at Christmas because the coldest months are January, February and March,” he explained.

Conditions are expected to improve in many places today and tomorrow, before an unsettled weekend.

“The winds should ease through the course of the afternoon and some places should see some decent sunshine,” Mr Partridge said. “Southern areas of the UK could see 12C (54F), so not too bad.

“Tomorrow m ainly South West parts of the UK will see patchy rain. Everywhere else will be cloudy but dry.

“From Saturday through the course of the weekend we could see strong winds with some gales in western areas of the UK.

“All parts of the country will see spells of rain at times with some dry periods, so quite unsettled and generally windy weather through the course of the weekend.

“Temperatures will be up to the low to mid teens, but it won’t feel like that due to the wind and rain.”

Published: Thursday 26th March 2015 by The News Editor

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