Social media ‘unplug’ a 2015 pledge

Published: Thursday 1st January 2015 by The News Editor

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Pledging to “unplug” from electronic devices and social media is one of the most popular new year’s resolutions, according to social media site Twitter.

Alongside traditional resolutions like losing weight and quitting smoking, unplugging is among the top five promises for 2015 among tweeters.

The irony of using social media to promise to switch off was not lost on Twitter users, one of whom wrote: “Saying your resolution is to #unplug on Twitter is like saying you’re going to try to control your drinking problem while at a bar.”

Another, ‏@Jim674, tweeted :”There is something ironic about @Twitter suggesting I unplug as my new year’s resolution.”

But others are taking the resolution more seriously. @PaulBGalloway tweeted: “Carrying over my resolution from last 2 years: Internet-free Sundays. Good for the brain to unplug on a regular basis. #NewYearsResolution.”

“Unplug” came fifth on Twitter’s list of most tweeted about resolutions, behind “work out”, “be happy”, “lose Weight” and “stop smoking”.

Fitting the healthy living new year trend, “stop drinking” was number seven on the list.

Self improvement was also a popular topic with “be the best (at …)”, “love myself” and “work harder” coming in at six, eight and nine on the list respectively.

But at number 10 is a more modest aspiration for next year: “Don’t f*** it up”.

The top new year resolutions according to Twitter in full:

1. Work out

2. Be happy

3. Lose weight

4. Stop smoking

5. Unplug

6. Be the best (at …)

7. Stop drinking

8. Love Myself

9. Work harder

10. Don’t f*** it up

Published: Thursday 1st January 2015 by The News Editor

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