Some like it hot, but not for long

Published: Wednesday 15th April 2015 by The News Editor

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Parts of Britain are set to sizzle with summertime temperatures today, while others will have to contend with conditions cooler than average for this time of year.

As Londoners enjoy warm sunshine, with the possibility of temperatures creeping close to 26C (78F), the north-west of the country could see lows of just 9C (48F).

Today is forecast to be the hottest of the year so far, and looks set to be the warmest we will see for the rest of the month, as temperatures are expected to return to average or just above average for April.

The south-east of England has been enjoying unseasonably warm temperatures this week, with a high of 22.8C (73F) in London yesterday.

The Met Office has forecast a 30% chance of the mercury rising to 25.5C (77.9) today, but a cool front moving down from the north will ensure temperatures return closer to the average for April towards the weekend.

Cloud cover in Blackpool today will leave temperatures at a chilly 9C, while the Shetland Islands could be a degree cooler.

Northern Ireland will have a cloudy start, especially the south-east, but skies will clear meaning temperatures will rise to around 12C (53F) – the April average.

It will also be an improving picture for Scotland as skies brighten later in the day, after a cloudy, wet morning.

Sea fog along the Welsh coast and north Cornish coast will see temperatures hover around low double figures .

But while the south of England may be warmer than parts of Greece and Italy today, temperatures will become more spring-like from tomorrow, said Met Office forecaster Craig Snell.

“The cold front across Scotland and Northern Ireland will move south-eastwards throughout the course of the day. It doesn’t reach the south of England and Wales until Thursday,” he said.

“There will be an increased amount of cloud across those areas and cloud cover will stop temperatures rising.”

It is likely to drop to a high of 17C (62F) – which is still around 5C above average for this time of year, Mr Snell added.

“Cloud cover and less sunshine will mean temperatures could be down to 15C (59F) in London on Friday, with a chilly easterly breeze ensuring it will feel a lot cooler,” he said.

The weekend and into next week may not hit the highs some will enjoy today, but high pressure will remain, meaning conditions are expected to be pleasant.

Mr Snell said: “It will feel quite chilly in the wind this weekend, certainly more spring-like.

“Temperatures will be nearer to normal, but on the positive side of normal, with some warm, sunny spells still to come. There will be plenty of fine, dry weather.”

Published: Wednesday 15th April 2015 by The News Editor

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