Stroke survivor hopes to break world record with space hopper challenge

Published: Saturday 26th September 2015 by The News Editor

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A stroke survivor is hoping to break a world record with a hopping mad challenge.

Martin Mienczakowski is planning an attempt on the Guinness World Record for the furthest distance travelled on a space hopper in 24 hours.

The current record stands at five miles (eight kilometres) and he is looking for a team of volunteers to witness his attempt.

Mr Mienczakowski, from Bedminster, Bristol is taking on his madcap challenge at the city’s Kip Keino Stadium on October 31 to raise funds for the Stroke Association.

The 31-year-old, a research assistant at Bristol University, suffered a stroke on Christmas Day 2009 while ringing the bells at his local church.

Thinking he was having a migraine he left the Christmas service and drove home to his parents’ house, where after a couple of hours his health deteriorated.

They got increasingly concerned and took him to hospital where it was confirmed he had had a stroke.

“Stroke has had such a huge impact on my whole family. After my stroke in 2009, my grandfather went on to have a stroke five years later,” he said.

“For me, my recovery has been extremely emotional. I experienced depression and anxiety which I feel has been the major barriers to my recovery.

“During my recovery I was confronted with a number of things that people said I wouldn’t or shouldn’t be able to do again, like going back to work full-time for example.

“In overcoming these hurdles I have had to develop a philosophy of working out how I can do things rather than dwelling on why I can’t do them.

“Since my stroke I have represented England in a new sport, completed a wilderness walk, written a book, and started a blog about my recovery.”

Mr Mienczakowski added: “Breaking a world record is the ultimate challenge for me.

“The current world record is set at eight kilometres, so I have a lot hopping to do.

“To make the world record official I need a group of independent witnesses who don’t know me, to be there on the day.

“I’m hoping to get the support from local residents on the day to help me conquer this challenge for the Stroke Association.”

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Published: Saturday 26th September 2015 by The News Editor

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