Tory cuts ‘biggest since the war’

Published: Thursday 23rd April 2015 by The News Editor

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Labour is accusing the Conservatives of planning the biggest spending cuts in any of the world’s advanced economies as the parties again prepare to trade blows on the economy.

With 14 days to polling day, David Cameron will seek to rally Tory supporters with a warning that they have two weeks to save Britain’s economy from an “SNP/Miliband nightmare”.

Chancellor George Osborne told The Daily Telegraph that a Treasury analysis had calculated that the SNP would add £6 billion to Britain’s debt interest payments.

“There’s a real cost for families of that. It’s equivalent to just over £350 per family,” he said.

Ed Miliband will respond with a warning of his own that the scale of the cuts planned by the Conservatives for the first half of the new parliament is unprecedented in any three-year period since demobilisation at the end of the Second World War.

He will tell a rally in Leeds that figures from that International Monetary Fund (IMF) show that they are greater than anywhere else among the world’s 33 advance economies.

The exchanges come as the independent experts at the Institute for Fiscal Studies prepare to deliver their analysis of the spending plans of the two main parties as well as the Liberal Democrats and the SNP.

Mr Cameron will break off from the campaign later today attend an emergency EU summit in Brussels to discuss the deepening refugee crisis in the Mediterranean which has left hundreds of migrants dead.

Before leaving he will issue a renewed warning of the dangers of a minority Labour government propped up by the votes of the Scottish nationalists – a message the Conservatives have sought to hammer home relentlessly.

“We’ve learnt from the polls that every vote is crucial. We need just 23 seats to stop the SNP/Miliband nightmare – one that would hit everyone in the pocket,” he will say.

“We’ve got just two weeks to make our case: the case for a stronger economy and brighter future for Britain. Nothing less than the future of your family depends upon it.”

Mr Miliband, meanwhile, will highlight the threat to public services from the Conservative plans to eliminate the deficit and balance the books by 2018, warning it would mean 20,000 fewer police officers and the closure of 1,000 Sure Start centres.

Labour says that an analysis of 10 “similar episodes” in other Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development countries show spending on public health fell by an average of 1% – the equivalent of a £7 billion cut to the NHS in real terms.

Addressing to NHS staff, Mr Miliband will say that Mr Cameron’s promise of a return to the “good life” under the Conservatives was a “grand deception”.

“The Tories are committed to the most extreme spending plans of any political party in generations,” he will say.

“It is a plan so extreme that IMF figures show Britain would be facing the deepest cuts over the next three years of any advanced country in the world.

“It is a plan so extreme that far from protecting the NHS they would end up cutting the NHS. It is a plan so extreme that it wouldn’t mean three years of the good life, it would mean three years of hard times.

“Maybe not for some of the rich and powerful, who have done so well with the last five years of the Tories. But it would mean hard times for the working families of Britain, who put in the hours, pay their taxes and play their part.”

Nick Clegg, meanwhile, is highlighting Liberal Democrat plans to give carers who look after elderly, ill or disabled loved ones a “bonus” of up to £250 which could spend on a holiday under Liberal Democrat plans.

He will say the measures are part of a package to reward the “unsung heroes of British society”.

Published: Thursday 23rd April 2015 by The News Editor

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