Town goes barking mad for Charles and Camilla

Published: Saturday 7th November 2015 by The News Editor

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Babies, corgis and a little boy dressed as a guardsman were sights that greeted the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall when they toured a picturesque New Zealand town.

Thousands of people from Nelson turned out to greet the royal visitors and among them Charles spotted the breed of dog made popular by the Queen.

The heir to the throne could not resist walking over to the owner Hannah Petley, 43, and and saying hello to her dog, aptly named George.

She said afterwards: “Charles said, ‘Is he a friendly corgi?’ and when I said he was, he put his hand down and George licked it.”

The royal couple went on a walkabout in the centre of the town in a region famed for its vineyards and stunning scenery and coastline that attracts British tourists.

Well-wishers lined the streets waiting to greet Charles and Camilla, who shook the outstretched hands. The Duchess even gave one person a high five.

George Thompson, 10, who dressed up as a guardsman complete with a replica scarlet tunic and bearskin hat, said of Camilla, who stopped to have a chat: “She’s very nice and she’s very beautiful.”

Camilla played peekaboo with five-month-old Jake Johnston as his mother Lorna, 36, held her son.

Ms Johnston, originally from the Wirral, but now living in New Zealand with her partner, said: “She came up and said, ‘Who’s this friendly little boy?’ and she made him smile by playing peekabo, which was lovely as he’d been grumpy this morning.”

Published: Saturday 7th November 2015 by The News Editor

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