Tree pictures tell story of love

Published: Tuesday 17th February 2015 by The News Editor

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A couple have documented the milestones in their five-year relationship by taking photographs underneath their favourite tree.

Amy, 27, and Matt Wharton, 39, from Bath, Somerset, began their tradition at Dyrham Park in south Gloucestershire after meeting in 2010.

They regularly returned to the National Trust park and painstakingly set up their camera on a timer in exactly the same spot.

A set of six beautiful images now follows the couple through dating, becoming husband and wife and parents to their first child.

The couple have now marked their five-year anniversary, of which the symbol is wood, by adopting their own tree for daughter Lyra, 10 months, at the park.

Full-time mother Mrs Wharton said: “It’s been five years so far and I can honestly say that our love has only grown and now multiplied.

“Matt has gone from my boyfriend to my husband to the father of my child and I’ve fallen in love with him over and over again.”

The couple began their relationship in 2010 and Mrs Wharton proposed the following year, with Mr Wharton popping the question back.

They married in November 2011 and welcomed daughter Lyra on April 17 last year.

“During my maternity leave, we took day trips to at least five different National Trust properties, but Dyrham Park is my favourite place,” Mrs Wharton said.

“We have so many great photos taken there throughout the years, including while I was pregnant.

“It makes me unbelievably happy to see these photos together and to see Lyra in the bottom left makes my heart swell.

“Taking a photo under this tree is hands down the best tradition Matt and I ever started.”

Mrs Wharton and her husband, a systems administrator, were invited back to the park for the planting of a field maple tree along a new family trail.

They were asked to attend the event after the National Trust spotted a piece Mrs Wharton had written about their tradition on her blog Very Much So.

The six pictures show the couple sat on a bench overlooking their favourite tree, staring out over fields of countryside in front of them.

Mrs Wharton added: “I can’t wait to create new memories with Lyra at Dyrham Park and that’s why this tree means so much to us.

“We get to see the tree grown alongside our daughter and you can be sure that I’ll be taking lots of photos over the years. I can’t wait until she’s old enough to understand that this tree is for her, it’s very special.

“I’ve got countless memories of my husband and I walking through the park hand in hand discussing the big things, the little things and nothing at all.

“We actually chose our daughter, Lyra Josephine’s name walking around the park one day after months of indecision.”

Dyrham Park’s 17th-century house is currently covered in scaffolding due to a £3.8 million conservation project to replace the leaking roof.

Published: Tuesday 17th February 2015 by The News Editor

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