UK hotels lacking courtesy: Survey

Published: Thursday 19th March 2015 by The News Editor

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It seems the Basil Fawlty-style image of British hoteliers being rude and incompetent is hard to shake off for foreign tourists.

For UK hotels in general, and London hotels in particular, have come bottom of the class for courtesy in a Europe-wide survey of travellers by reservation company

For friendliness and competence of staff, UK hotels and those in Russia scored the lowest marks in a table topped by Finland, with Germany second and Austria third.

In a separate table covering friendliness and competence of hotel staff in European capitals, London was last, with the Hungarian capital of Budapest in first place. also published a similar table based just on UK cities’ hotel staff courtesy. Sheffield, with a score of 8.62 points out of 10, was top, followed by Leeds (8.41 points), Bristol (8.36) and Cardiff (8.31).

London (7.73 points) languished in 10th place in the UK table, with Birmingham 11th, with 7.66 points and Coventry 12th with 7.38 points. said: “British politeness is renowned and recognised throughout the world.

“However in the hotels the staff do not score highly in comparison with their European colleagues in respect of friendliness and willingness to be of help.

“Some cities are able to save the good reputation of British politeness. Sheffield scored well for friendliness and willingness to assist their guests.

“However, the two largest cities (London and Birmingham) do not exactly shine in respect of the quality of their service. “

These were the top 12 cities in the UK in respect of the friendliness and competence of hotel staff:


1. Sheffield 8.62

2. Leeds 8.41

3. Bristol 8.36

4. Cardiff 8.31

5. Edinburgh 8.25

6. Liverpool 8.20

7. Glasgow 8.18

8. Manchester 7.95

9. Leicester 7.75

10. London 7.73

11. Birmingham 7.66

12. Coventry 7.38

Published: Thursday 19th March 2015 by The News Editor

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