Working above the British Isles, from Islington to Ilkley

Published: Thursday 22nd October 2015 by Rich Sutherland

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Bakehouse Aerial were the first company in East Yorkshire to gain permission from the Civil Aviation Authority, allowing them to legally pilot drones for surveys and promotional content. Their three machines – Roger, Millie and Bruce – have worked across the UK for clients that range from power plants to parks and shopping centres to shipping companies.

With the ability to carry up to 20kg of production equipment, the Bakehouse Aerial fleet maintains optimal levels of safety and manoeuvrability whilst keeping noise, costs and disruption to a minimum. The expertly edited content is then used to reinvigorate and expand PR and marketing materials for private companies, public organisations and production houses.

Ben O’Leary, photographer, said: “Our equipment is of the highest standard, giving the option of footage that meets the quality used for TV and film. We’re based in Yorkshire but regularly travel across the UK, working on a stylish retail video one day and an industrial site inspection the next.”

Each Bakehouse Aerial drone has a specific type of application. Roger, an Aeronavics Skyjib, can lift cameras up to 8kg, allowing the use of specialist scientific equipment and high-end film/TV cameras like the RED and Sony FS7 for HD, 4K and 6K work. Bruce, a DJI Inspire 1, is perfect for web quality video, basic survey work, pre-planning more complex shots, and flying indoors. Millie, a Vulcan Black Widow, is capable of lifting a high quality camera and operating in urban areas. The combined power and capabilities of these drones means that companies don’t have to settle for anything less than the best.

Cairn Emmerson, pilot, said: “We’re photographers that decided to work above the ground as well as on it. By combining art direction with the professional skills of a CAA certified company, our clients benefit from quality, legality and safety in equal measure.”

Bakehouse Aerial have recently been hired for a BBC4 documentary on the energy industry, collaborated with Nova Studios on the latest Hull UK City of Culture video, and carried out a logistics project at ABP Goole for Fast Shipping.

Gary Howson, Agency Manager of Fast Shipping UK, said: “Our six cargo ships are constantly sailing around Europe and Bakehouse Aerial managed to capture the rare event of two of our fleet in dock at the same time, on opposite berths with the same cargo. The images are excellent and we are thrilled with the result.”

To find out more about Bakehouse Aerial, please visit You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


Published: Thursday 22nd October 2015 by Rich Sutherland

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