11 best and worst Halloween costumes but mostly worst

Published: Wednesday 22nd October 2014 by Paul Nickerson - Writer

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With Halloween upon us, it’s tradition to pop on a ridiculously scary outfit. But lately the craze has been more to the ridiculous. Here we take a look at some epic fails, and the odd triumph.

We would love to see your pics from Halloween in Hull & East Yorkshire, so upload them to our Facebook page here or email them to us at heytoday@kcmedia.com and we’ll put them online. But for now here we go:

1: Never seen a camera?

Bizzare-HalloweenYep, not sure what’s going on here, it’s either something spooky or the kid has never seen a camera before.

2: Barking mad:

Halloween-6First thoughts are that this little beauty has the look of Heike Makatsch, the baddy from Love Actually, but that’s a tiny bit mean. Either way, the pooch looks happy.

3: Product placement:

Halloween-8It’s all about the drink in this latest advert for Pepsi. Setting aside worries about what it’s done to this chap’s teeth, it definitely makes us thirsty. BTW has he stolen that bench from the House of Commons?

4: Moustache

Halloween2As family photos go, this one definitely ranks as awkward. Please let it be a costume. If not then good look to them.

5: Skaters 

Halloween3Some of you younger ones won’t remember Torvill & Dean, but in the 80’s they were brilliant Olympic skaters.  Here Christopher Dean (right) is harking back to the days of the Athens Olympics with a simple leaf headdress.

6: Decisions

Halloween9We all know it can be difficult to settle on your costume. The lady above has gone in for Wonder Women meets Amy Winehouse with a Margaret Thatcher handbag. Great.

There is definitely something going on with big mettle wrist bangles though. Christopher Dean is wearing them too (above).

7: Kids 

Haloween_10Halloween is all about the kids. I want to see this family’s dressing-up box!

8: All shapes 

Haloween-5Are we allowed to say anything about this one?

9: Clever 

Haloween7We love this one. Now who does it remind us of?

10: So scary it’s scary 

Haloween9No one likes the thought of child ghosts, witches, or ghouls. For their size they pack in so much more fright. She looks like a kind one though, but it could be a trick. Very wizard of Oz.

 11. Let down 

Halowwen4Seriously, the boy in the middle has made no effort whatsoever.

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Published: Wednesday 22nd October 2014 by Paul Nickerson - Writer

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