‘Ello-Ma’ – 11 Soap Opera Villains you can’t forget


Published: Saturday 1st November 2014 by Paul Nickerson - Writer

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He’s back for the umpteenth time. Nasty Nick Cotton has reappeared in truly menacing form. In time-honoured tradition, Nick arrived in a puff of smoke before a bewildered Dot as the East Enders’ theme tune kicked in.

Over 7 million viewers recoiled as TV’s most prodigal of sons returned in typical style. As the anxiety built, poor Dot became alarmed by rustling from the next room. As she crept about in fear, we all knew what was coming…”Ello Ma”

In 2014 Nick Cotton was voted one of TV’s all-time most villainous characters. Here we round up some of our own worst Soap Opera Villians:

1. JR Ewing – Dallas

As evil as they come, especially in business he got his comeuppance by being shot, even though he eventually wasn’t (ah, the things you could get away with in the 80’s).


2. Richard Hillman – Corrie

Ah Richard, so evil. Ripping off his business partner and knocking off his wife Pat with a shovel he was unstoppable until he drowned trying to drive Gail Plat into a canal.


3. Willmott-Brown – EastEnders

A posh nob but not to be trusted. After trying to seduce poor old Kathy Beal at the Dagmar rapist James Willmott-Brown refuses to take no for an answer. Thankfully after a tearful testimony he ends up behind bars.


4. Ailsa Stewart – Home & Away

We agonised over this one. A general good egg after she married grocer Alf, she none the less murdered her father.


5. Mrs Mangel – Neighbours

Who knows what made Nell Mangel the way she was. But her misdeeds ranged from getting in the way of true love between Jane and Mike, to making up a story that her husband was dead. We did feel sorry for Mrs M after Bouncer knocked her off a ladder leading to her chronic amnesia. Pictured below with her portrait by fellow Ramsey Street Busy Body Helen Daniels.


6. Janine Butcher – EastEnders

So evil for one so young. After pushing Barry off a cliff, marrying a wealthy Jewish man for his money seemed easy for Janine. Given she poisoned her second husband we feel we can now throw the book at her.


7. Mike Baldwin – Corrie 

Another difficult choice of love vs loath. But Mike was the Alan Sugar of Weatherfield in his day and didn’t mind crushing the little guy to get ahead. He once sacked his entire workforce at the textiles factory! His ongoing battle with Ken Barlow was a little one sided too.


8. Dirty Den – East Enders 

It’s all in the name. Den Watts was guilty of many things but nothing was so wicked as waiting until Christmas Day to present Angie with divorce papers. Unforgivable. He’s dead we think.



9. Arthur Fowler – EastEnders

In many ways a good man, but stealing the Christmas Club money by burgling your own house is pretty low in our eyes. It arguably sent poor Lou to her grave.


10. Cameron Murray – Emmerdale 

A serial killer in the midst of Emmerdale. Okay so he Killed Carl but he was was a villain himself. But killing Gennie was cold blooded and calculating.


11. Don Brennan – Corrie 

An obsessive who’s life went out of control. If kidnapping Alma wasn’t enough he tried to run down Baldwin only to die in the process. Tut.



Published: Saturday 1st November 2014 by Paul Nickerson - Writer

Comments (1)
  • Kevin Marshall

    It’s about time this show was finished.Total rubbish.

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