Published: Friday 9th January 2015 by Tom Drinkall

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After the horrendous attacks that have happened this week in Paris, #JeSuisCharlie has been trending worldwide on Twitter. Millions of people have been tweeting in solidarity with satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

We’ve been following the #JeSuisCharlie tweets and it’s very moving to see people joining in worldwide to show their support. We wanted to dedicate our  web round up this week to #JeSuisCharlie and the spectacular images we’ve seen.
In New York, Times Square has been lit up with the message to show their support.

  Even Twitter got involved with a giant hashtag on the walls of their offices.

Bradford City Hall showed their support with the French flag at half mast.

A video of the Eiffel tower in darkness as a tribute to the 12 people killed.

Je Suis Charlie…a newly born baby.

Amazing picture of the crowds who gathered in Paris

Holding up pens in silence as a protest against the vicious attacks

In Hull, staff at Radio Humberside and Look North pay their respects to colleagues and police murdered in Paris

Published: Friday 9th January 2015 by Tom Drinkall

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