Lucy Beale’s killer is revealed and it shocked the nation

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Published: Friday 20th February 2015 by HEY Today editor

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Spoiler alert! If you’ve not yet watched Thursday’s episode – do not read this article. 

For fans of Eastenders, last night was one of the most intense episodes, ever. As the latest murder mystery came to an end, more than 10 million people tuned into watch the killer be revealed and then headed to Twitter to share their reactions.

Our weekly web round up is dedicated to some of our favourite Twitter reactions to last night’s episode.

For some viewers, the reveal really was too intense…

And when the killer was revealed, this poor American teenager started getting blamed for killing Lucy…

Not strictly a shocked reaction, but this tweet did make us laugh

The revealing of the killer taught us some serious life lessons…

One of our favourite moments… when you realise you’ve said the actor’s name instead of the character in a live episode…oops!

What did you think to last nights episodes of Eastenders? Let us know, leave a comment below.

Published: Friday 20th February 2015 by HEY Today editor

Comments (5)
  • Lordelpus

    Stopped watching this (and Coronation Street) seven years ago (I was losing the will to live) but the hype drew me to it last night. After watching an hour and a half of this dross it made me realise why I had “binned” it in the first place. Will not be making the same mistake again!

  • Kevin Marshall

    Rubbish ,how many murders has that small area had?
    The show should be let go similar to Brookside,enoughs enough.

  • Kevin Marshall


  • Gerri Scargill

    It’s just a tv programme for heavens sake, and a pretty rubbish one at that, yes I stopped watching it years ago too, there are really only so many times you can rehash the same story line. ‘Shocked the nation’? Come on, surely most of us couldn’t care less?

  • Gerri Scargill

    …………and for that rubbish, they changed the time of Death in Paradise and caused great upset in our house, thank heavens for catch up TV! 😉

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