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Published: Tuesday 13th January 2015 by Tom Drinkall

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Momentous and interesting things which have happened over the years in January around the world…

Famous birthdays

1643 Sir Isaac Newton, still considered as one of the greatest and most influential scientists of all time, responsible for developing the laws of gravity –  was born on 4 January

1935 Elvis Presley, one of the most significant icons of the 20th century was born on 8 January

1982 Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge was born on 9 January

kate middleton


1996 The Motorola StarTAC – the world’s first mobile flip phone goes on sale on 3 January

2007 Just 11 years later on the 9 January, Steve Jobs unveils the very first iPhone

Other interesting things that have happened this month…

1606 Guy Fawkes was hanged, drawn and quartered after his attempts to blow up Parliament

1788 London’s longest running newspaper, The Times publishes it’s first edition on 1 January


1813 Jane Austin publishes Pride & Prejudice

1863 London’s Underground begins operations on 10 January

1937 At a party in Minnesota, a guest wins $100 for coming up with a name for a new canned meat – Spam

1964 Plans are disclosed for the World Trade Center in New York

world trade centre

(image courtesy of The Chicago Tribune)

1981 Peter Sutcliffe aka ‘The Yorkshire Ripper’ is arrested

1999 On the 4 January, the euro came into effect

2001 One of the most popular and informative websites, Wikipedia – goes online

Published: Tuesday 13th January 2015 by Tom Drinkall

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