Russell Brand – please answer the question!


Published: Friday 24th October 2014 by Paul Nickerson - Writer

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Politicians never answer the question! Neither it seems does Russell Brand. 

Russell Brand hates politicians, but he’s behaving just like one. He never answers the question. His latest appearance on Newsnight confirmed this.

During the long interview, Brand continued his rant against politicians who never answer the question whilst putting his own vague rhetoric above the scrutiny of presenter Evan Davis. At times Brand physically restrain Davis with his extra long arms as he tried to scrutinise passages from his new Book – Revolution. This technique I have seen before. My wife does this. Playfully taking my hands in hers to deflect any questions should I try and interfere in something she’s doing.

The self-styled voice of the people, Brand is reportedly worth £13 million. As well as writing his book, he’s made friends with the Fire Brigade union. He now appears to be some kind of patron of theirs. Brand’s technique is to over quote from humble citizens who he infers are too stupid to navigate the political system these days, or what he calls the ‘apparatus of politics’.

A shouty man, Brand demands people listen to him so can explain his ideas and tell them the type of world he thinks they should live in.

From his book, it seems this world would include getting rid of elected representatives, crushing the companies that pay our wages and modelling our system on communist China; because they ‘give sleeping bags to protesters in Hong Kong and we don’t’. Oh yes, he’s befriended freezing protesters in Parliament Square too.

Brand in this role comes at too much of a cost in annoyance, hypocrisy and pantomime – not to mention he has no idea how to fix things.

It seems the issues Russell Brand gets behind don’t really matter so long as they allow him to appear animated, out-raged and verbose on TV or his own YouTube channel ‘The Trews’ run from his London home.

As Evan Davis, who was ‘trying to take you seriously here Russell’ found out, it’s very hard to pin down what he really thinks on any issue outside a general rage with authority. But that’s okay; we still live in a world where that’s allowed, unlike China.

Long and complicated

Like a good Marxist leader Brand is brilliant at long complicated speeches. His quick mind and comedic disposition are perfect for sound-bite attacks on serious political points.  Like a comedian he revels in humiliating those who disagree with his views, as he might some poor soul silly enough to sit on the front row at one of his shows.

Now he’s got serious, talked to some economists he likes and learn’t the names of some poor people. Now he can charge with both sword and shield at presenters as lofty as Paxman and Davis, leaving them struggling to know what to do with him.

He is the master of self-promotion; books, rallies, seducing the BBC to acres of airtime. It’s a shame really, the UK does need popular none-partisan figures to highlight the shortcomings of our political system. But Brand in this role comes at too much of a cost in annoyance, hypocrisy and pantomime – not to mention he has no idea how to fix things. His refusal to be properly interviewed and his deriding of anything other than his own looney narrative is a constant reminder of this.

That said, people really like him. These books he writes do sell and he has a huge online following. Maybe there will be a Mayor Brand after all? But when pressed if he’s up for it. No, no chance. He ‘s determined to heckle from the side-lines. He prefers the option of just complaining, albeit with some big words about the whole God damn system.

Published: Friday 24th October 2014 by Paul Nickerson - Writer

Comments (5)
  • Why do you want this whatever he purports to be to answer your questions, I could not even be bothered to ask him one and it would be a long search to find a reason to do so.

  • Paul Andrews

    What a prized prat,all mouth and no substance

  • Kevin Marshall

    Paul! Do you really think your gutter press attitude helps? And where does one draw the line between simple reporting and trolling? get a grip.

  • wilson

    Honest , Intelligent,write up of ‘pushy’ Russell, poor Evan Davis with all that knee touching, all he wanted was a polite answer . Change your style Mr .Brand .

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