Why #TheDress is all people are talking about right now

the dress what colour

Published: Friday 27th February 2015 by Leo Stevens

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On Thursday night, the internet started going crazy over the colour of this dress. It’s caused massive debates on social media about whether it’s white and gold or black and blue.


At first glance, we wondered what all the fuss was about as it’s clearly white and gold (sorry to anyone who see’s otherwise!), but then we found out a little bit more.

As this picture went viral, experts got involved to come up with an explanation as to why people are seeing the dress in different colours. Apparently, it’s all to do with how your brain interprets light and it’s different for everyone. There have even been reports of people seeing grey and lilac.

So, what colour do you see? Let us know by voting on the poll below.

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Well… if you’re like us and are seeing the dress in white and gold – we’re wrong, the dress is actually black and blue.

BuzzFeed found a photo of the original dress online from Roman Originals below.

the dress real



Published: Friday 27th February 2015 by Leo Stevens

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