Afghan soldier shoots at US troops

Published: Wednesday 8th April 2015 by The News Editor

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An Afghan soldier has opened fire on US troops, wounding three before being shot dead.

The incident happened after a meeting between Afghan provincial leaders and a US embassy official in the compound of the provincial governor in Jalalabad, said General Fazel Ahmad Sherzad, police chief for eastern Nangarhar province.

The Afghan soldier opened fire “right after the US official had left”, he said.

The American troops immediately returned fire, killing the Afghan soldier, he added.

It is the second insider attack this year. An Afghan soldier killed three American contractors on January 29.

The Afghan soldier was identified by Gen Sherzad as Abdul Azim, from Laghman province.

The motive for his attack was not immediately known.

Information was sketchy and a witness told the Associated Press that four US troops had been wounded in the attack – not three as Gen Sherzad said – and were being treated at a clinic on the American base in Jalalabad.

The witness, an Afghan interpreter working with the US troops, said that no US soldiers had died in the incident.

“Only the ANA (Afghan National Army) soldier died, we killed him straight away,” said the witness.

Earlier, an Afghan official said two people were killed and three wounded in an ambush aimed at police in eastern Kunar province, where the Taliban have a strong presence.

Farid Dhekhan, spokesman for the provincial police chief, said the attack, which occurred in Narang district, targeted a police vehicle, which escaped unharmed. The dead were a man and woman from the same family, he said.

Kunar is on the eastern border with Pakistan and has long been an insurgent stronghold.

The Western-backed Afghan government’s nearly 13-year war against the insurgents has intensified as both sides seek to strengthen their positions ahead of possible peace talks.

Published: Wednesday 8th April 2015 by The News Editor

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