Ebola woman touched face with glove

Published: Wednesday 8th October 2014 by The News Editor

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Spanish health officials are investigating whether a nursing assistant infected with Ebola got the disease after she touched her face with protective gloves after leaving the quarantine room where a victim was being treated.

Spokesman German Ramirez said Teresa Romero says she remembers she once touched her face with the gloves.

Health officials have said Ms Romero twice entered the room of Spanish missionary Manuel Garcia Viejo, who died of Ebola on September 25 in Madrid.

She went in once to change his dressings and also entered after he died to retrieve unspecified items.

Dr Ramirez said Ms Romero believes she touched her face with the glove after her first entry into the priest’s room.

Ms Romero is the first person known to have caught the disease outside the outbreak zone in West Africa. She was said today to be in a stable condition.

In an interview published by Spain’s El Mundo newspaper, the woman said she followed safety protocols as part of the team treating the priests. She said by telephone from quarantine she felt “better, a little bit better” since being taken to hospital on Monday.

Her husband, Javier Limon, is also quarantined at the hospital. He identified his wife in a video he sent to Spain’s Animal Rights Party pleading for people to support his drive to prevent Spanish authorities from putting down the couple’s dog, a mixed breed named Excalibur.

Mr Limon told El Mundo by telephone that his wife went on holiday after Mr Viejo died. She started feeling sick with a low fever on September 30 but did go to a career advancement exam attended by other candidates. Health authorities have said she did not leave the Madrid area during her holiday.

Dozens of animal rights activists outside the couple’s apartment complex scuffled with police, trying to prevent an ambulance and workers in white hazard suits from entering to disinfect the couple’s apartment and take away Excalibur.

Madrid regional’s government obtained a court order yesterday to put the dog to sleep, saying “available scientific information” cannot rule out the possibility that Excalibur could spread the virus.

Two other people quarantined in Madrid, a nurse and a Spanish engineer who had travelled to Nigeria, were cleared today to check out of Carlos III hospital after testing negative for Ebola.

Published: Wednesday 8th October 2014 by The News Editor

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