FBI probes Sony film studio hacking

Published: Tuesday 2nd December 2014 by The News Editor

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The FBI is investigating a hacking attack at Sony Pictures Entertainment, which caused major internal computer problems at the film studio.

Sony’s corporate email and other internal systems were knocked offline.

Sony workers reportedly saw a message appear on their computer screens that said “Hacked by #GOP”, which may be the initials of a group calling itself Guardians of Peace.

Copies of some unreleased Sony films such as Still Alice, Annie, and To Write Love On Her Arms are now being distributed on unauthorised file-sharing websites, although a direct connection to the hacking has not been confirmed.

California-based Sony Pictures said in a statement that it is continuing “to work through issues related to what was clearly a cyber attack last week. The company has restored a number of important services to ensure ongoing business continuity and is working closely with law enforcement officials to investigate the matter”.

Along with the FBI, Sony has brought in forensic experts from the Mandiant division of FireEye, a Silicon Valley cybersecurity company.

Mandiant helps companies determine the extent of breaches and repair damages.

The firm has worked on other high-profile computer breaches, including one at Target last year.

Published: Tuesday 2nd December 2014 by The News Editor

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