Russia threatens to cut Ukraine gas

Published: Wednesday 25th February 2015 by The News Editor

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President Vladimir Putin has warned that Russia will cut gas supplies to Ukraine if it fails to pay in advance for future deliveries.

Mr Putin said that Ukraine’s latest payment would only be good for another three to four days, warning that the cut-off may disrupt transit to Europe.

Following a bruising price and debt dispute, Russia and Ukraine signed a deal in October requiring Kiev to pay in advance for gas shipments.

Last week, Russia accused Ukraine of cutting gas supplies to rebel-controlled areas in the east.

Russia then started direct supplies to the east, saying they should be counted as part of the overall volume of its gas exports.

Ukraine has rejected the argument, saying that it cannot control gas distribution in areas outside its control.

Meanwhile, European Union president Donald Tusk today warned that the EU will not hesitate to impose new punishment on the separatists and Russia if the latest Ukraine peace deal collapses.

Mr Tusk told the EU legislature that “additional sanctions remain on the table. We should be ready for any development – good or bad.”

Ukraine says it will not begin pulling back heavy weapons under the peace deal until the latest ceasefire firmly takes hold.

Rebels said yesterday they were beginning a pullback, but the claim could not be independently confirmed.

Mr Tusk said that since the February 15 deadline to start the ceasefire, there had been some 800 violations.

The EU has imposed visa bans and asset freezes on 151 individuals and 37 entities and hit Russia with economic measures.

Published: Wednesday 25th February 2015 by The News Editor

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