Sarah Palin attends Trump rally as husband recovers from snowmobile crash

Published: Tuesday 15th March 2016 by The News Editor

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Sarah Palin made a surprise appearance at a Donald Trump rally in Florida after her husband was injured in a snowmobile accident.

Todd Palin suffered eight fractured ribs and injuries to his collarbone and lungs in the crash in Alaska and the Trump campaign had said Mrs Palin, the 2008 vice presidential candidate, was returning home to be with him.

Mr Palin’s father, Jim Palin, said he had not yet spoken to his son and did not know the extent of his injuries.

But he called Sunday night’s crash, which happened about 70 miles (113km) north of the Palins’ hometown of Wasilla , “one of those freak accidents”. His son was undergoing surgery and was expected to make a full recovery, he added.

“He’s a tough adult,” he said.

In a Facebook posting, Sarah Palin called her husband the “toughest guy” she knows, adding that she was flying home to Alaska. She did not discuss details of the accident but thanked supporters for their prayers.

Mrs Palin, a former Alaska governor, then turned up at a Trump rally in Tampa Bay.

“Thank you, guys, for your prayers for my husband who is recovering right now in the ICU (intensive care unit) after a little wreck on a snowmachine,” she said, referring to what Alaskans commonly call snowmobiles.

Mrs Palin introduced New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, one of a handful of speakers at the rally.

She said later: “When real life happens, it really puts things in perspective, doesn’t it?”

Mr Trump’s presidential campaign said in a statement that the Republican front-runner sends his thoughts and prayers to Mrs Palin and her family.

It is not the first time Todd Palin has been involved in a snowmobile crash. In 2008, he broke his arm in a high-speed crash in Alaska’s annual 2,000-mile (3,200km) Iron Dog snowmobile race, but he and then-racing partner Scott Davis still finished in fourth place after Mr Davis towed him the final 50 miles (80km).

Mr Palin is a four-time winner of the race. His last championship was in 2007.

Published: Tuesday 15th March 2016 by The News Editor

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