Sheriff locks up protesters after route to Trump rally blocked

Published: Sunday 20th March 2016 by The News Editor

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A controversial Arizona sheriff says his officers have locked up protesters who blocked a main highway leading to a Donald Trump rally.

About 100 people gathered outside the Tuscon venue where the presidential candidate was holding a campaign rally, the third and final scheduled event in Arizona on Saturday, each of which was marked by protests.

Protesters blocked the main route leading to the Phoenix suburb where Mr Trump appeared with Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Addressing the crowd in Tucson, Mr Arpaio he is impressed with Mr Trump’s assertive approach to campaigning, and said the Republican frontrunner will deliver on his promises, particularly his vow to build a border wall with Mexico.

A number of protesters interrupted Mr Trump’s speech at the rally. At first he dismissed them, and then he kicked them out.

He called one protester, who wore a Klu Klux Klan hood, “disgusting”. Another group, carrying a “Black Lives Matter” sign, were kicked out.

Meanwhile, Mr Trump said he will act more presidential if he is elected, but that the job requires someone who is willing to fight.

The billionaire businessman said he promised his daughter and wife that he would act more presidential, but he immediately shifted gears, pointing to former Republican rival Mitt Romney as a “stiff”, and vowed to be tough if he is elected president.

He also told the rally that protesters are “taking away our First Amendment rights” and vowed to take the country back if he is elected.

Published: Sunday 20th March 2016 by The News Editor

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