Suicide bombers kill 13 in home town of kidnapped Nigerian girls

Published: Wednesday 27th January 2016 by The News Editor

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Four female suicide bombers have killed 13 civilians and wounded 30 in explosions at a market in the Chibok home town of Nigeria’s kidnapped schoolgirls, according to witnesses.

The blasts began when soldiers tried to search a young woman wearing a hijab in the north east Nigerian town, a man at the scene said.

Then three women inside the market exploded in quick succession, he said.

A Chibok community leader in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, said another blast occurred at a military checkpoint in Chibok.

Tsambo Hosea Abana said relatives called to tell him his uncle and 15-year-old niece are among the wounded.

He blamed Boko Haram Islamic extremists who kidnapped nearly 300 Chibok schoolgirls in April 2014, of whom 219 remain missing.

It comes as Human Rights Watch said Nigeria’s new government is violating rights on many fronts in its fight against Boko Haram and in bringing corrupt politicians to book.

The allegations in the organisation’s global report offer fuel to opponents who accuse President Muhammadu Buhari of acting as he did as a former military dictator.

The report says Mr Buhari’s inauguration in May “has not diminished the potency of the country’s serious human rights challenges”.

Mr Buhari has not acted on promises to investigate allegations that the military is committing extrajudicial killings and illegally detaining people suspected of being Boko Haram fighters or supporters.

Human Rights Watch said the worst atrocity of 2015 in Nigeria was Boko Haram’s slaughter of 2,000 civilians in Baga, a north-eastern fishing settlement.

Published: Wednesday 27th January 2016 by The News Editor

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