Never Mind the Pub Quiz

February 8th


Fruit, 62-63 Humber Street, Hull

£3, 18s and over only

It’s hard to summarise the madness of our quiz. In essence, Middle Child make fools of themselves on stage and intersperse it with some general knowledge questions.

It’s your task to make sense of it more than any other team to ultimately win a seat in the prestigious “Winner’s Lounge” as well as some other naff (and a few good) prizes.

Some of the ever changing rounds include.

Challenge Anneka: They have a competition on stage, you guess who wins. Building card houses, eating squirty cream, that sort of thing.

Alphabet Sequel: They invent a film sequel using sentences starting with each letter of the alphabet. You guess the original film, and what they’ve decided to call the sequel.

The Intros Round: Seen Never Mind the Buzzcocks? It’s that one.

Published: Wednesday 3rd February 2016

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